How to identify which is the best loyalty program for you?

Amidst the ocean of loyalty programs available in the market, it is definitely a real task at hand that requires time, effort and an exhaustive amount of research, trial and error to sort the worthwhile programs. Here is how you can do it seamlessly.  

Rewards, incentives, benefits and offers are the primary eye catcher for a customer to get hooked to a loyalty program and it is these factors that make them consider a particular membership. But beyond rewards, here are the few questions you should ask before enrolling for a new loyalty rewards program:

  1. What do I get? So apart from the foreseen benefits and rewards that a program offers, what are the kinds of rewards you will earn over the course of time; is an important factor to consider. It may be in any form – special discounts, sales, exclusive products or any opportunities.
  2. How will you earn points and how many? When you know what you will get for your spends and points redeemed, you should know how to accumulate points/ miles too and how many of these will you get for spending a particular amount. For eg. most of the programs say $1 = 5 points.
  3. How to get started? Sign up for only those programs that have a clean and simple enrolment procedure to follow. If its too complicated, forget it; as such a program can never be easy to understand in the later stages.
  4. Will it help you save money? Always understand the steps to redeem and ways to encash your points because if a loyalty program doesn’t help you save money, and instead pushes you to spend more, look for another easier one.
  5. Be a member for stores / places you already frequent: Signing up for a store, airline, gym, restaurant, hotel that you have never visited will make no sense. Always opt for your regular retailers to get the best of what you spend.

In the end, always opt for programs because of their simplicity and ease of use, the value of their rewards or benefits, the purchasing power they grant you as a customer and for the mobile accessibility of their account management.

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