How to earn loyalty points everywhere you go?

Did you know, you can earn a variety of points, benefits and cashbacks from your everyday spending whether you shop from the comfort of your couch or on your way back home and enjoy a pool of freebies and privileges!

Who doesn’t want to earn miles and points and enjoy a world of perks and privileges but the real challenge is how to do it and make it a part of our everyday busy lives where free time is just about non-existent. All you need is to WAKE UP to start maximising your points by paying attention and making the right choices while you are spending every dollar.

Having said that, the first concern you would have is

  • The fear to own a multiple of loyalty programs varying from Airline, Dining, Retail, Apparel, Travel, Hotels, Grocery, etc. that could get you enough points and miles to enjoy rewards.
  • Next, would be to manage and carry them always so that when you spend in a particular category you don’t lose your points.
  • Next is to track these points and miles on the spot to enjoy benefits and cashbacks then and there.
  • Lastly, is to enrol for new programs that truly suits your purchasing habits and gives you returns equivalent to your spends.

So if you are an avid shopper, you can always earn points and miles year-round with your favourite hotel, restaurant, airline or even the not-so favourite grocer by simply with a tap!  Just be busy racking up reward reserves and we make your life easier with a click.

Not only can you store over 1500+ #LoyaltyMembershipPrograms and have your #LoyaltyRewardCards always handy with you without the hassle of carrying the bundle of plastic cards, track points and miles for over 400+ of these programs, manage them and also enrol for over 1200+ programs right on your phone with just one #LoyaltyCardApp! Simply Download Today for Android Apple and grow your loyalty balances throughout the year on day-to-day purchases.


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