How to gain Airport Lounge Access with your loyalty points?

What is most enticing when you are at the airport and have a long wait to catch your flight? The Airport Lounge right! But to get access to that exclusivity, comfy inner sanctums with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, drinks, snacks and glossy magazines; you have to travel first or business-class. What if you get the luxury without shelling out thousands of dollars?

Time to rejoice for all of us travellers for we no longer are barred from the delights of private airport lounges. Following are the ways:

  1. If you own an airline loyalty membership or are a member of a major hotel chain with Elite status for your membership or hold a platinum credit card, most of them have a tie-up with one lounge or the other which lets you get free access to lounges via your loyalty points / miles or simply flashing your card.
  2. If you’re not an Elite traveller, you could simply opt for day passes as needed. Some airlines offer a discounted lounge day pass at the time of booking your flight.
  3. In case your loyalty status doesn’t allow you for a complimentary access to the lounge, it is likely to offer you a discounted one. So before heading to the airport, take stock of your loyalty programs and see what you can get from which of your programs.

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