How to earn points and miles via social media?

Did you know you could eblog-49arn loyalty points and miles from social media! Yes, you read it right, there are enough benefits to grab on your social activity; given it’s directed to these particular brands and their loyalty membership programs. Read on, how!

Are you someone who is always online checking out your friends update and pictures on Facebook, who is saying what, tweeting what’s happening around and uploading pictures on Instagram? Would you mind being online for something worthy and rewarding instead of being up-to-date with your friends life? No, right!

Most of the major brands big or small, are turning up to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat amongst others to spread the word about their #LoyaltyRewardsProgram. For example, Starbucks lately used a Snapchat filter as one way to promote its revamped loyalty program and mobile app.

So while these brands are going loud with their promotions, they are also allowing existing members and inviting new ones to earn points, perks, rewards and benefits for simply getting engaged with their social media pages. Here is how you can earn points and miles via social media:

  1. Like and follow your favourite brand pages and their loyalty programs in all categories like hotels, airlines, dining, travel, retail, apparel, etc. in order to never miss on the announcements and opportunities to earn more and more points and rewards. For eg. Marriott Rewards in its recent social rewards promotion for its loyalty program, gave 500 rewards bonus points to new followers of their Instagram page.
  2. Instead of sharing your experiences online with your friends brands like Marriott, Southwest Airlines, etc. reward its customers for sharing their travel experiences on their page.
  3. Look for loyalty programs that not only incorporate social media into their rewards offerings but also give the opportunity to earn through their mobile apps – one of the perfect brands being Starbucks.

So whether it is tweeting about movies, hotels, travel, liking and sharing a sharing a photo of your favourite Starbucks drink, or hashtagging your favourite Hilton moment or simply promoting a brand’s page, be social and scope out deals right from your page feed and timeline.

And because we know you will be busy online and would fear the hassle of managing these #LoyaltyRewardsProgram and #PintsMiles, we bring you one tap solution for it — #LoyaltyMobileWalletApp that lets you store, track, manage and do a lot more right on your phone. Try it to believe it! Download Today for Android Apple


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