How to increase savings with your loyalty programs?

As Loyalty membership users we often doubt whether these programs really add value to us or save us money. The answer is Yes, you can save money and get great benefits / advantages, if you do it right!

blog-week-50Have you ever wondered why all brands and stores, small or big, offer you a loyalty membership card? Is it to only reward you with discounts and other benefits for your loyalty? Well, no! Brands via loyalty programs do get you to spend more money but also get to know you better via your spending patterns and collection of personalized information.

One of the best ways to get the best out of your loyalty programs is to smartly search through the offers that truly benefit you and actually save you money. Some tips:

  1.  Sign up and enrol for loyalty programs that actually make sense to you. For eg. be a member of the store you already shop from and not the one you would rarely visit.
  2. Sort your memberships basis their rewards. So if a store or a brand is offering jaw-dropping discounts on products and services you haven’t used earlier and are unlikely to use in future; no point in signing up for their membership.
  3. While making a purchase, always present your loyalty card to accumulate points. Enrol for memberships for brands where you buy things regularly even if these are small quantities, they eventually add up.
  4. Track your points effectively to ensure they do not expire and the required levels for redeeming these for value.

Loyalty Passport a true Loyalty App that has been designed by keeping you the user in mind. From storing all your loyalty cards on your phone for a hassle free experience to tracking all your points/miles on real time basis, displaying all available offers, deals and promotions to enrolling for new memberships, the app lets you effectively manage all aspects of your memberships so easily.

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