Top 5 Myths about Loyalty Programs!

Have you heard a myth or two about loyalty programs or are you someone who believes in a few already? Let us provide the facts about what really is!

Myth 1: Loyalty Programs cost too much: One of the biggest myths that a layman carries for a membership be it from a hotel, airline, restaurant, grocery store or for that matter gym is that these loyalty rewards programs are costly to maintain. On the contrary, the amount of benefits, perks, discounts, freebies and exclusivities these memberships bring along (given used in a proper format) are abundant. In fact, with the one shot cost of membership you actually tend to save a hell lot of money.

Myth 2: Loyalty Programs make the check-out process more complicated: Customer loyalty programs actually do the opposite! Yes, you read it right! Not only does your card help you earn points for every dollar you spend but they also help the cashier get all details in a jiffy.

Myth 3: A loyalty program functions on its own after initially signing customers up: A loyalty program literally cannot function on its own! After the initial blast of sign ups, business owners constantly create specific marketing campaigns that target specific audience segments and thus tracks your i.e. a customer’s behaviours from time to time in order to offer you the right rewards and benefits that you truly seek for.

 Myth 4: Rewards systems are confusing for customers: When paper punch cards, mobile apps, promo codes, and a list of stipulations are involved, things can get tricky and frustrating on both the customer and business end of things. But with the smart marketers around, today’s programs are streamlined in a way that are easy to follow and understand to reach the desired level of status in a program.

Myth 5: Loyalty Programs are hard to manage: Passé are the days of digging through your wallet to find the right loyalty card to redeem points. With everything going digital, loyalty programs have also taken a step up and instead of the plastic cards you can have all loyalty cards in one place digitally; making it much easier and quicker to get rewarded at the point of sale and at the same time letting you be more environment friendly.

One such app is #LoyaltyPassport that lets you store, track and manage over 1500+ memberships under one spot. So with this #LoyaltyMobileWalletApp you can enjoy a hassle free experience of Loyalty Programs digitally. Download Now for Android Apple


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