The do’s and don’ts of travel loyalty programs

They say: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer! And when it’s topped with luxury, upgrades and exclusive privileges that come as a freebie, it makes you feel the richest! So if you are someone who wishes to experience the same, here are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow and stick by to derive the most from your travel loyalty programs or should know before you sign-up for one!

Do’s of travel loyalty programs:

  1. Sign-up for travel loyalty programs: Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, signing up for a membership will definitely reap you rewards given you assess your travel needs and enrol for the right kind of travel program. Simply jumping in for few benefits like free travel or elite status, won’t bring you the best. So pick a program that best meets your needs and privileges shall follow.
  2. Keep track of miles/ points: Once enrolled, the critical part is to keep the membership going and most importantly have a track of points/miles and expiration dates, in order to avoid expiry of points. So be on top of your points always.
  3. Go for co-branded credit cards: In order to acquire big miles major travel loyalty cards have tie-ups with credit card companies. Hilton HHonors, for example, has credit card partnerships with Citibank and American Express, among others. Every dollar you spend on your credit card earns you points on the partner company. The more you’re spending, the greater chance of getting higher rewards status, which also means more points per stay and more rewards to enjoy.
  4. Take advantage of promotions: With the world going digital, companies today run a lot of online promotions. So make sure you are following them on social platforms or are registered as an email subscriber to never miss on any offer.

 Don’ts of travel loyalty programs:

  1. Do not consider all points to be valued same: Not all membership points / miles are valued the same. Some hotels (for eg. Marriott) offer more privileges and benefits for points accumulated. But there are chances that you might not get the same benefits for same amount of points in some other hotel membership.
  2. Don’t pick an airline but an alliance: If you thought the only way to earn huge number of airline points is to stick by flying on one airline, time to think again! Instead, stay within the same airline partners for your travel to earn the common currency. Partner programs are groups of airlines that have banded together and allow you to consolidate points on any of their partners.
  3. Don’t constrain your travel card just for travel purpose: Hotels today have started partnering with entertainment, sports, food and beverage partners to offer unique experiences to its members. Airlines and car rental companies are another example of this tie-up. So don’t miss to make the most of your membership by utilising your membership at multiple places.

Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, following these simple tips you will surely get more from your memberships. In order to manage all your memberships proficiently, here is a simple digital loyalty wallet to help you manage all aspects of your memberships at one place on your phone: #LoyaltyPassport. Store, track, manage and know offers from all your #LoyaltyCards. Download Now for Android Apple


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